Theatre (THTR)

THTR 101. Introduction to Theatre. 3 Credits.

Study of development of theatre and dramatic literature. Reading of plays representative of theatrical styles and genres. Overview of elements of theatrical production. Formerly DRMA 123.

THTR 105. Theatre Workshop I. 3 Credits.

Classroom study, research and practical experience in the technical production aspects of presenting a play, including scenery design and construction, props, lighting, sound, promotion, crew, stage and house management. Includes practicum in technical production and the study of historical and artistic concerns in technical design.

THTR 120. Introduction to Acting I. 3 Credits.

Study of realistic approach to stage acting. Mastery of basic stage terminology. Improvisation and scene work. Formerly DRMA 220.

THTR 191. Special Topics. 6 Credits.

THTR 192. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

THTR 194. Seminar/Workshop. 1 Credit.

This course provides experiences in any of the range of activities required to produce and stage a theatrical presentation. The experiences may include, but are not limited to: set design and construction, lighting, costuming, sound, publicity, box office, acting, stage management, and directing. By arrangement with the instructor, each student will undertake an individualized project. The complexity of these projects will reflect the credit level fulfilled. This course may be repeated once for credit. Formerly DRMA 110.

THTR 208. Studies in Drama. 3 Credits.

The intensive study of one or more subjects from dramatic literature and theatre history. Reading will include the works of one or more major dramatists. The subject(s) to be studied, which may include women playwrights, will vary at the discretion of the instructor. May be repeated once for a credit. Formerly DRMA 210.

THTR 230. Intro to Theatre History I. 3 Credits.

A chronological study of the development of the Western theatrical tradition from theories of origins and Greek and Roman theatre, through the development of the modern theatre in Europe and America. Focuses on theatre architecture, production methods, significant dramatists, directors, actors and designers, and the relationship of theatre to society. Formerly DRMA 300.

THTR 298. Cooperative Education. 12 Credits.

THTR 339. Drama in Elementary Education. 3 Credits.

A study of approaches to incorporating dramatic activities into elementary and secondary school curricula, including ideas for equipping and operating an educational theatre plant, ways of dealing with extracurricular dramatic activities, and issues surrounding theatrical endeavors related to school programs and the community at large. Formerly DRMA 325.

THTR 375. Directing. 3 Credits.

Study of basic stage directing techniques, the history of directing, and the role of the director in the contemporary theatre. Direction of a one-act play or substantial scene from a full-length play, along with written work and examinations. Prerequisite: Consent of instructor. Formerly DRMA 360.

THTR 395. Practicum. 3 Credits.

Supervised advanced projects in performance and/or production for theatre students. Prerequisite: THTR 105. Formerly DRMA 331.

THTR 498. Cooperative Education. 15 Credits.