Biology: Micro (BIOM)

BIOM 250. Microbiology for Hlth Sciences. 3 Credits.

This course provides a survey of the microbial world including the organisms included in the group making up microorganisms and the relationship of mircoorganisms to humans. The course presents the fundamental concepts of cellular structure, metabolic functions, genetics and control of microbial growth.

BIOM 251. Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab. 1 Credit.

This course will provide students with the opportunity to learn and utilize basic microbiological laboratory skills used for isolation, culturing and identification of bacteria. The student will have the opportunity to fully use these skills in the identification of an unknown as a final laboratory project.
Course Fees: $26.50

BIOM 291. Special Topic. 1-12 Credits.

BIOM 292. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

BIOM 400. Medical Microbiology. 3 Credits.

Review of the microbial world involving bacteria and viruses and their impact on human immune function, disease prevention, environmental and industrial applications, and microbial ecology. Designed for students interested in continuing in science, particularly in pharmacy and pre-med. Prerequisites: BIOB 160 and BIOM 250. Concurrent enrollment in BIOM 401 Lab is required.

BIOM 401. Medical Microbiology Lab. 0 Credits.

Laboratory for BIOM 400. Concurrent enrollment in BIOM 400 is required. This course taken in conjunction with the lecture portion of the course (BIOM 400) meets the laboratory science requirement.