BACHMEIER, Randy (2017)
Assistant Professor, Community Leadership
Ed. Ph.D., Regent University, 2009; M.S. Ed., Montana State University-Northern, 2004; B.A., Montana State University-Northern, 1993

BALEMBA-BROWNLEE, Samantha (2016)
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Doctorate of Philosophy, Simon Fraser University, 2014; Master of Arts, Criminology, 2010

BIEGER, Jack (2016)
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
Doctorate Organizational Leadership, University of Phoenix 2010; M.S., University of Phoenix 2010; B.S., University of Phoenix, 2008

BERNHARDT, Brianna (2018)
Assistant Professor, Agriculture
B.S., University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 2015

BOWKER, Ann (2019)
Assistant Professor, Civil Engineering Technology

BOWKER, Grant (2018)
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
B.S.,University of North Dakota, 2013;  M.S., Mathematics University of North Dakota, 2017

BRADSHAW, Andy (2020)
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology

BOYSUN, Wane (1997)
Professor, Automotive Technology and Agricultural Mechanics
B.S., M.Ed., Montana State University-Northern, 1996, 1999

BUSCH, Christopher  (2019)
Assistant Professor, Health Promotion
M.A. Education, West Carolina University, 2003; Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Georgia, 2008

CARLSON, Kevin S. (1986)
Professor, Business
B.T., Northern Montana College, 1983; M.B.A., University of Montana, 1986

CLOUSE, Gregory S. (1987)
Professor, Diesel Technology
B.T., M.Ed., Northern Montana College, 1984, 1989

CLOUSE, Vickie (2002)
Assistant Professor, Biology and Earth Science
B.S., M.Ed., Northern Montana College, 1989; Montana State University-Northern, 2001

DON, Steven (2003)
Chair College of Technical Sciences
Professor, Automotive and Diesel Technology

A.S., Montana State University-Northern, 1994; B.C., University of Canterbury, 1984; M.Ed., Montana State University-Billings, 2008

Donoven, Casey (2020)
Assistant Professor, Mathematics
Ph.D., Mathematics, University of St. Andrews, 2017; B.S., Mathematics, Montana State University, 2012.

DUKE, Jaime (2016)
Assistant Professor of Nursing
Interim Dean, College of Health Sciences
B.S., Nursing, Walden University, 2013;  M.S., Walden University, 2016

FAST, Stacey (2019)
Assistant Professor , Nursing

Assistant Professor, Education
M.S. Educational Leadership, Penn State; B.A. Elementary Education, MSU-Northern

Gomez, Laura (2018)
Assistant Professor, Accounting 
CPA License, State of Montana; M.S., Professional Accounting, Colorado State University, 2020; B.S. Business Administration- Accounting, 2007, B.A., English Literature, University of Montana, 2004

GUYANT, Valerie (2016)
Associate Professor, English
B.S., Dual Degree, University of Wisconsin-River Falls, 1992; M.S, University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point, 2002; Doctorate,  Northern Illinois University, 2011

Hart, Gwen (2020)
Assistant Professor, English
PH.D., English, Ohio University, 2009

HESSKE, Steve D. (1994)
Professor, English
B.S., Ohio University, 1971; M.A., Ph.D, Bowling Green State University, 1981, 1992

HILDEBRAND, Terri (2014)
Professor of Biology,
B.S. Biology/Math, Black Hills State University, 1991; Ph.D. Botany, University of Kansas, 2005

Hofman, Jeremy (2010)
Assistant Professor,  Agriculture Mechanics and Diesel Technology 

Holzworth, Kevin (2015)
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology

HOWLAND, James C. (1990)
Professor, Computer Information Systems
B.S., Oregon State University, 1986; M.I.S., City University, 1992

HUSE, Shawn (2002)
Head Men’s Basketball Coach
Assistant Professor, Education

B.S., Montana Tech of the University of Montana, 1995; B.A., University of Montana, 1997; M.A., University of Nebraska-Kearney, 2002

Jensen, Keith (2018)
Assistant Professor, Diesel Technology
B.S., Diesel Technology, Montana State University Northern, 2004

KEGEL, Gregory D. (1982)
Professor, Design Drafting and Manufacturing Technology

B.S., Northern Montana College, 1976; M.S., Central Washington University, 1987

KIRKPATRICK, James (2010)
Instructor of Electrical Technology
Inside Wireman, North Dakota State School Of Science, 1996

Kline, Thomas (2020)
Instructor, Plumbing 

MACK, Charlie (2017)
Assistant Professor, College of Technical Science
A.A.S., Montana State University Northern, 2014; B.S., Montana State University Northern, 2014

MAGELSSEN, Trygve (2006)
Associate Professor, Electrical Technology
B.S., Montana State University-Northern, 2002; M.S., University of North Dakota, 2004

MATSON, Brandon (2016)
Assistant Professor, Diesel Technology
National Academy of Railroad Science (NARS), 2007;  B.S., Montana State University-Northern, 2004

MEYER, Joshua (2013)
Assistant Professor, Automotive/Diesel Technology
A.S., Waubonsee Community College, 2004; B.S., Southern Illinois University, 2006

MOUAT, Chris (2005)
Head Women’s Basketball Coach
B.Ed., University of Montana-Missoula, 1993; M.Ed., Montana State University-Northern, 2016

Joyce Mpande-Finn (2020)
Associate Professor, Counselor Education

OBERQUELL, Christian (2001)
Head Athletic Trainer/Athletic Director
Instructor, Education
, University of Mary, 1994; NATA Certified, 1995; M.S., California University of Pennsylvania, 2010

Olson, Grant (2020)
Assistant Professor, Theatre/Communicatio

OZBURN, Cristy (2013)
Associate Professor, Arts and Science
Ph.D, University of the Rockies, 2017; M.S., Boston University, 2009; B.S., University of North Florida, 2002

Professor, Water Quality Technology: Environmental Health
B.A., M.S., Ph.D., University of Kansas, 1977, 1982, 1993

RIGGIN, Aaron (2015)
Assistant Professor, Design Drafting

SCHLOTFELDT, Lorren (2007)   
Instructor of Plumbing Technology
B.S., Northern Montana College, 1978

SEIFFERT, Mark A. (1994)
Professor, Speech Communication
B.A., Montana State University, 1984; M.A., Texas Tech University, 1985; Ed.D., West Virginia University, 1990

SELLERS, Darlene (1998)
Interim Dean, College of Education, Arts & Science
Professor, Education
B.S., University of Wyoming, 1988; M.Ed., University of Southern Mississippi, 1990; Ph.D., University of Wyoming, 1995

SIEMENS, Jeremy (2005)
Assistant Professor, Automotive Technology
B.S., Montana State University-Bozeman, 1994

SMEBY, Curtis (1998)
Professor, Curriculum and Instruction
B.A., Acadia University, 1980; M.S., University of Oregon, 1981; Ed. Specialist University of Southern Mississippi, 1990; Ph.D, University of Wyoming, 1996; B.S., Northern Montana College, 1990; M.S. Montana State University, 1993

SOISETH, Joel K. (1988)
Professor, Art
B.A., B.F.A., M.F.A., University of North Dakota, 1970, 1980, 1983

SPANGLER, Chad (2014)
Associate Professor of Health Promotion
B.S., Montana State University- Northern, 1995; M.S., University of Montana, 2002; Ph. D., Walden University, 2012

Succaw, Gary (2012)
Professor, Chemistry
Ph.D. Chemistry, University of Oregon, 2004, M.S. Chemistry, Michigan State University, 1994,  B.S. Chemistry, Grand Valley State University, 1990; 

TANNER, Jason (2019)
Instructor, Welding

TERRY, Charles (2016)
Instructor of Welding

THIVIERGE, Tyson (2008)
Head Wrestling Coach, Instructor
B.S., Montana State University Northern, 2003

TILLEMAN, Wendy (2019)
Assistant Professor , Nursing
B.S., Montana State University,1998

TODD, Joseph (2014)
Assistant Professor in Teacher Education
B.S., Metropolitan State College, 2007; MBA, Colorado Technical University, 2009; Ed. PhD. Montclair State University, 2015

UDAYKUMAR, Kasthuri (2016)
Assistant Professor, Nursing
M.S., Nursing, Valparaiso University, 2015; B.S., Nursing, Amrita Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre, 2008

WAGNER, Jerry (2019)
Head Volleyball Coach

WARD, Mary E.   (2019)
Assistant Professor of Graphic Design
B.A., Montana State University, 2009; M.A., University of Montana , 2014

WILKE, Lanny (1996)
Associate Professor, Business
A.A., Pensacola Junior College, 1981; B.A., B.S., M.Ed., Montana State University-Northern, 1995, 1996, 1998

Zontek, Kenneth (2021)
Associate Professor, Broadfield Social Science

ZUCK, Barbara (2008)
Professor, Business
B.A., Luther College; M.P.A., Portland State University; Ed.D., Montana State University-Bozeman. 2007