Agricultural Technology (AGTE)

AGTE 120. Forage Implements. 3 Credits.

Introduction to maintenance, repair, and adjustment of balers, swathers, rakes, and other forage harvesting equipment.

AGTE 130. Intro to Agricultural Tractors. 3 Credits.

Introduction of AG tractors covering sizes, types, efficiencies, preventative and minor maintenance of tractor components and applications of AG tractors.
Course Fees: $10.75

AGTE 206. Applied Water Hydraulics. 3 Credits.

An applied course in hydraulics which includes topics of water and wastewater collection and distribution, maintenance, and safety. This course includes lecture and laboratory hours, but the laboratory hours are not the kind of experience that satisfies the laboratory science requirement. This course does not meet the laboratory science requirement.

AGTE 210. Tlg, Plntg, Spray Implements. 3 Credits.

This course will cover the repair, maintenance, adjustments, and calibrations of tillage, seeding and spraying equipment. Electronic control systems will be examined on all systems.

AGTE 225. Intro to Grain Harvstng Equip. 3 Credits.

Introduction to theory, preventative maintenance, repair, and adjustment of conventional and rotary combines.
Course Fees: $10.75

AGTE 230. Intro to Ag Machines & Equip. 2 Credits.

This course is an introduction to agricultural machines and equipment. Agricultural machine uses, terminology, components, efficiencies, characteristics, and maintenance will be studied. Topics relating to safety, power transfer principles (gears, belts, chains, and fluid drives), field operations, hitching, operator manuals, trends in machinery, and basic machinery management will be examined.

AGTE 292. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

AGTE 298. Cooperative Education. 12 Credits.

AGTE 410. Agriculture Technology Mgt. 4 Credits.

This course is a study in the use of agricultural technologies from a management perspective. Topics will include a study in the use of technologies in the management of agricultural finances, land, machinery, crops and livestock. Computer and software technologies will be used for budgeting, enterprise accounting, enterprise analysis, recordkeeping, and to analyze machinery decisions and costs. FINPACK and other farm/ranch financial planning and machinery analysis software will be featured.

AGTE 498. Cooperative Education. 1-12 Credits.