Special Transfer Program

Students may complete preparatory course work at Montana State University Northern for the Dental Hygiene program at the College of Technology in Great Falls.

Dental Hygiene. For many years, Montana was the only state in the United States without a dental hygiene program. That educational deficit was corrected in 2001, when the Montana Board of Regents approved such a program at Montana State University-Great Falls College of Technology in Great Falls, Montana.

Students complete 93-98 credits to earn the associate of applied science degree in Dental Hygiene. Fourteen (14) students each year are admitted to the Dental Hygiene program under a competitive process. Preference is given to Montana residents. Employment prospects for dental hygienists are quite good, however, and graduates may earn a salary in the $52,000 - $68, 000 range for full-time employment.

Students interested in the program can complete the pre-requisite courses required for the degree at campuses other than the MSU-Great Falls College of Technology campus. At Montana State University-Northern, for instance, the following classes can be completed at this institution and transferred to the Great Falls Dental Hygiene program. Some of the classes are pre-requisites and others are courses with the program:

BIOM 250Microbiology for Hlth Sciences3
BIOM 251Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab1
BIOH 201Human Anat Phys I4
BIOH 211Human Anatomy & Physiology II4
CHMY 141College Chemistry I5
CHMY 143College Chemistry II5
M 121College Algebra3-4
or M 145 Math for the Liberal Arts
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology3
or PSYX 230 Developmental Psychology
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology3
or COMX 111 Intro to Public Speaking
WRIT 101College Writing I3
M 145Math for the Liberal Arts (or higher)4

Students who are interested in the Dental Hygiene program, and who would like to complete the 9 classes outlined above, should consult with a faculty advisor on the MSU-Northern campus. The MSU-Northern faculty advisor assigned to the Dental Hygiene program are:

Carol Reifschneider
Hagener Science Center Room 206
phone: 406.265.4126

Students are also encouraged to consult the MSU-Great Falls web site for current information about the actual program.