Agricultural Science (AGSC)

AGSC 102. Agricultural Plant Science. 3 Credits.

A general introductory class covering basic plant structure, physiology, reproduction, ecology, geography and evolution. Emphasis will be on crops relating to Montana agriculture. Formerly AG 102.

AGSC 218. Crop Production. 4 Credits.

Art and science of crop production; growth, development, and management of various agricultural field crops; emphasis given to crops important to the Northern Great Plains. Includes yield estimation, storage and handling facilities, tillage and harvesting methods, and practical applications in grading grains. Prerequisite: AG 102. Formerly AG 218.

AGSC 219. Crop Production Lab. 0 Credits.

AGSC 230. Agricultural Pest Management. 4 Credits.

This is a study of pest management for common Montana agriculture crops. Chemical and non-chemical controls will be discussed. Topics will include pest identification, biology and control; chemicals, safety and application. There will be an opportunity to qualify for private and commercial pesticide applicator certification as required by the State of Montana. Formerly AG 230.

AGSC 231. Agricultural Pest Managmnt Lab. 0 Credits.

AGSC 310. Soil & Water Management. 2 Credits.

This course is a study of soil and water and plant relationships. Emphasis will be on dry land soil practices, irrigation principles and practices, point source pollution, and measurement and methods of control. Formerly AOT 310.

AGSC 498. Cooperative Education. 1-12 Credits.

A planned and supervised work-learning experience extending the student's learning experience in agricultural business, agricultural production, or government agencies related to agriculture. Prerequisites: Junior standing and approval of minor advisor, Dean of the College of Technical Sciences, and cooperative education coordinator. Pass/Fail only. Formerly AOT 479.