Native American Studies (NASX)

NASX 105. Intro Native Amer Studies. 3 Credits.

Interdisciplinary treatment of Native American studies. Provides general background and understanding of American Indian cultures.

NASX 120. Native American Language I. 3 Credits.

Introduction to one of several Native American languages, concentrating on simple conversations and the relationship of language to culture. The particular language to be studied will vary depending on availability of instruction. Taught by Native speakers, two semester of NASX 120 (six semester credits) will fulfill the Department of Humanities and Social Sciences language requirement.

NASX 121. Native American Language II. 3 Credits.

NASX 121 is a continuation of Introduction to Native American Language concentrating on conversations and the relationship of language to culture. The particular language to be studied will vary depending on availability of instruction. Prerequisite: NASX 120.

NASX 192. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

NASX 232. MT Ind Cltrs/Hstry/Iss. 3 Credits.

This course will deal with several major issues: One, the U.S.-Canada international border cuts between Native territories due to international negotiations in which Natives had no role. How has the border affected, and how does it continue to affect, their lives? Two, the histories and cultures of Montana's seven reservations and twelve Native groups vary and are complicated. The histories of the people and the reservations will be covered. Three, the course will include bringing in elders from the Hi-Line reservations to tell the cultures, traditions and present issues from their perspectives.

NASX 235. Oral/Written Trads Native Amer. 3 Credits.

A study of the oral traditions of various American Indian cultures, including examination of Indian language families, oral history traditions, oral literature, ritual and spiritual observances, together with English translations of Indian memoirs, autobiographies, and religious works.

NASX 292. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

NASX 304. Native American Beliefs/Philos. 3 Credits.

The sacred customs, traditions and beliefs of Native Americans have been, and are, greatly misunderstood by the mainstream society. The introduction within the boundaries of Native American practices and beliefs will apply to debates of classroom presentations. The class will concentrate on the plains tribes in Montana and Canada, on tribal spiritual leaders and practitioners and on the U.S. Supreme Court decisions.

NASX 310. Native Cultures of North Amer. 3 Credits.

Background on the extent and diversity of Native American cultural groups in North America, including languages, geographic locations of cultural groups, and the material, spiritual, and artistic cultures of American Indian tribal groups.

NASX 340. Native American Literature. 3 Credits.

A critical examination of a representative number of major works by non-Native Americans about Native Americans and major works by Native Americans. Topics include stereotyping, segregation, prejudice, and the roles of Native Americans in American society. Readings include mythology, poetry, essays, novels, and non-fiction.

NASX 376. Fed Indian Law & Policy. 3 Credits.

Treats the present applications and procedures of Federal Indian law and its historical development, including Indian treaties, tribal sovereignty, jurisdictional disputes, tribal and state powers of taxation, economic and environmental controls, and real property interests.

NASX 391. Special Topic. 1-12 Credits.

NASX 392. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

NASX 439. American Indian Art. 3 Credits.

NASX 450. History of American Indians. 3 Credits.

History of American Indians from Pre-Columbian times to the present, with special emphasis on demographic shifts caused by encroaching European and American westward expansion, and relationships between Native Americans and immigrants.

NASX 491. Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

NASX 492. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

NASX 498. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.