Engineering: General (EGEN)

EGEN 203. Applied Mechanics. 3 Credits.

Applied mechanics with analytical and graphical application of physical principles to engineering related problems. Newton's Laws of motion, vectors, equilibrium, friction, properties of areas and solids, trusses, beams, and fluid pressures. Introduction to dynamics of particles and strength of materials. Co-requisites: PHSX 205, and M 112 or higher. Course Fee: $10.00 Formerly CET 221.

EGEN 208. Applied Strength of Materials. 3 Credits.

EGEN 292. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

EGEN 325. Engineering Economic Analysis. 3 Credits.

The role of engineering economy in the decision making process. Cash flow and interest. Taxes and after-tax economy studies. Measure of worth and economic risk analysis. Prerequisite: Instructor approval. Formerly CET 305.

EGEN 488. Fund of Engineering Exam. 1 Credit.