Sociology (SOCI)

SOCI 101. Introduction to Sociology. 3 Credits.

Study of the concepts and principles of group behavior and of the impact which society has upon the programming of the mind and thought processes. Analysis of the components of culture and of the structure of society, as well as social organization and differentiation will also be emphasized. Introduces the essentials of micro sociology and macro sociology. Formerly SOC 101.

SOCI 191. Special Topics. 12 Credits.

SOCI 192. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

SOCI 211. Introduction to Criminology. 3 Credits.

Examination of the various sociological, psychological, and biological theories that purport to explain criminal behavior. Formerly SOC 245.

SOCI 241. Intro to Social Psychology. 3 Credits.

Comprehensive survey of social psychology as an interdisciplinary field of inquiry. Incorporates such standard social psychology topics as socialization, communication and language, perception and beauty, attitude and attitude change, norms, social order and conformity, roles and the ways they shape personality, situational influences on behavior, interpersonal attraction, aggression and conflict, conflict resolution, group behavior and gender roles. Formerly SOC 240.

SOCI 291. Special Topics. 12 Credits.

SOCI 292. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

SOCI 311. Criminology. 3 Credits.

Examination of the various sociological, psychological, and biological theories that purport to explain criminal behavior.

SOCI 315. Race, Gndr, & Ethnic Relations. 3 Credits.

Provide knowledge and understanding of such major minority groups as Native Americans, Chicanos, Puerto Ricans, Cuban Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Jews, and women. Some attention will also be devoted to various nationality groups that suffered severe prejudice and discrimination during earlier decades of American history. Various theoretical and research perspectives pertaining to prejudice and discrimination will be examined. Formerly SOC 315.

SOCI 391. Special Topics. 12 Credits.

SOCI 392. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

SOCI 423. Addictive Behavior. 3 Credits.

This course provides an applied approach to understanding the addictive personality and the process of addiction disorders. Students will focus on various models of addition as developed by current experts and will examine current research on several disorders including chemical and substance addictions (alcohol, drugs, and food) and other behavioral addications (gambling, spending, Internet/Gadget addiction, and complusive productivity, otherwise known as "workaholism"). Specific topics to be covered include the stages and characteristics of addiction, its course, prevalence, and familial patterns and symptoms of addictive disorders and how it affects the criminal justice systems. It will also examine various treatment approaches including effective intervention strategies used within the criminal justice system.

SOCI 433. Addictive Behavior. 3 Credits.

SOCI 491. Special Topics. 12 Credits.

SOCI 492. Independent Study. 12 Credits.