Art - Visual & Studio Arts (ARTZ)

ARTZ 105. Visual Language - Drawing. 3 Credits.

Study and supervised practice in observational drawing focusing on accurate representation of observed subject matter. Formerly ART 120.

ARTZ 106. Visual Language - 2-D Fndtns. 3 Credits.

A lecture/studio course in investigating basic design elements: line, shape, texture, and value. The elements considered in the context of compositional principles. Formerly ART 150.
Course Fees: $15.75

ARTZ 107. Visual Language - 2-D Fdtns II. 3 Credits.

A lecture/studio course investigating the elements of color: hue, value, and intensity. Color harmony and contrasts studied in compositional context. Formerly ART 151.

ARTZ 192. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

ARTZ 221. Painting I. 3 Credits.

A beginning studio course in still life painting in oil or acrylic. Drawing, color, and design emphasized. Prerequisite: ART 120 Formerly ART 254.

ARTZ 224. Watercolor I. 3 Credits.

A beginning studio course in watercolor painting. Research of the medium and observed material toward appropriate use of the transparent medium. Prerequisite: ART 120 Formerly ART 256.

ARTZ 231. Ceramics I. 3 Credits.

Elementary studio practice involving hand building and wheel techniques of forming functional and nonfunctional stoneware. Formerly ART 115.
Course Fees: $26.50

ARTZ 284. Photo I-Techs and Processes. 3 Credits.

Basic introduction to photography. Use of the camera, film, compositional techniques, and fundamental darkroom procedures. Formerly GDSN 270.
Course Fees: $43.00

ARTZ 292. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

ARTZ 363. Metal Sculpture. 3 Credits.

Metal sculpture is a lecture/studio course which is team taught by art and welding faculty. The course examines all phases of the creative process from concept to criticism of the finished form. Both abstract and representational sculpture will be examined with emphasis on welding fabrication. Formerly ART 353.
Course Fees: $110.00

ARTZ 384. Photo II-Theory, Crit, Prctice. 3 Credits.

A lecture/studio course emphasizing individuality in the conception and preparation of projects. Course content includes aesthetics, experimental darkroom techniques, color concepts, and a basic history of photography. Prerequisite: ARTZ 284 or consent of instructor. Formerly GDSN 370.
Course Fees: $43.00

ARTZ 391. Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

ARTZ 392. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.