Ag Business & Economics (AGBE)

AGBE 105. Ag Marketing. 3 Credits.

Principles of economics and agricultural marketing functions, agencies, services, and economic problems associated with production agriculture in Montana. The course includes an overview of commodity trading and the futures market. Formerly AG 105.

AGBE 125. Intro to Farm Management. 3 Credits.

Agricultural development and advancement; managerial balance of land, labor, capital, and implementation to provide for greatest returns; also includes farm business organization and arrangements, estate planning, credit, and farm business analysis. Formerly AG 125.

AGBE 305. Ag Commodity Marketing. 3 Credits.

An examination of marketing tools available to farmers and ranchers, including futures and options. The course addresses costs of production, storage and transportation, risk management, financial planning, and means of securing market information. Prerequisite: AG 105 or AG 150 Formerly AOT 305.

AGBE 353. Co-op Business Prin & Practice. 2 Credits.

AGBE 498. Cooperative Education. 12 Credits.

AGBE 499. Capstone. 3 Credits.

This course is an examination of past and contemporary agricultural issues as they affect the producer, agribusiness, and the consumer. Formerly AOT 440.