Board of Regents of Higher Education

Steve Bullock, Governor Ex-Officio
Elsie Arntzen, Superintendent of Public Instruction Ex-Officio
Clayton Christian, Commissioner of Higher Education Ex-Officio
Paul Tuss, Havre 2020
Casey Lozar, Helena 2018
Fran M. Albrecht, Missoula 2019
William Johnstone, Great Falls 2017
Robert A. Nystuen, Kalispell 2022
Martha Sheey, Billings 2021
Chase Greenfield, Student Regent 2018

Commissioner of Higher Education

The Board of Regents appoints a Commissioner of Higher Education as the chief administrative officer of the Montana University System.  The current commissioner is:

Clay Christian, Commissioner of Higher Education
2500 Broadway Street
PO Box 203201
Helena, Montana 59620-3201


Greg Kegel, Chancellor 406.265.3720
R. Neil Moisey, Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs 406.265.3726
, Dean of College of Technical Sciences 406.265.3736
Carol Reifschneider, Interim Dean of College of Education/Arts/Sciences/Nursing 406.265.3735
Steve Wise, Dean of Student Engagement/Residence Life 406.265.4113
, Vice Chancellor Administration & Finance 406.265.3733
Lourdes Caven, Accounting Associate 406.265.3509
Marianne Hoppe, Interim Chief Information Officer 406.265.3765
Cindy Small, Director of Financial Aid 406.265.3787
Vicki Gist, Director of the Library 406.265.3706
Dan Ulmen, Facilities Operations Manager 406.265.3755
Suzanne Hunger, Director of Human Resources 406.265.4147
Alisha Schroeder, Registrar 406.265.4191
Kelly Amtmann, Director of Nursing 406.265.4196
James Potter, Director of University Relations 406.265.3727
Tracey Jette, Senior Director of Student Success Center 406.265.3566
Jim Bennett, Director of Foundation 406.265.3711
Christian Oberquell, Athletic Director 406.265.3761
Sherry Kegel, Director of Student Health Services 406.265.3599
, Chair, College of Education, Arts and Sciences, and Nursing 406.265.3596
Steven Don, Chair, College of Technical Sciences 406.265.4185