Business: General (BGEN)

BGEN 105. Introduction to Business. 3 Credits.

Fundamental concepts of terminology in the business administration field: covers such areas as management, marketing, accounting, production, purchasing, data systems, personnel, and finance with practical application of fundamental principles.

BGEN 110. Applied Business Leadership. 3 Credits.

Leadership for First Line Management. Study of the practices, roles, attributes, challenges, and principles of leadership. The implementation of the qualities of leadership - kindness, justice, self-control, and energy.

BGEN 112. Creative Problem Solving. 3 Credits.

The course teaches the application of the basic elements of reasoning to common business scenarios. The student will identify reasoning abilities that are necessary for developing management skills. The student will be introduced to the standards used in evaluating their reasoning and a variety of case studies will be used to apply the concepts of the course.

BGEN 235. Business Law. 3 Credits.

The course serves as both a basic introduction to the legal system and a general overview of specific legal topics. In the introductory phase of the class, students will study the different kinds of law that make up our legal system, the courts, and the steps in a court case. The class will cover traditional legal topics like contract law, property law, torts, and business organizations. Students will also study newer areas of law like sales contracts, product liability law, and consumer protection law.

BGEN 253. Business Statistics & Research. 3 Credits.

This course builds on the basic mathematical skills learned in M 121 and adapts them for statistical analysis used by business and industry to aid decision making. Topics covered include data gathering, descriptive statistics, probability, inferential statistics, analysis of variance and regression analysis. Autocorrelation analysis, nonparametric statistics, decision making under uncertainty and business forecasting are introduced. Prerequisite: M 105 or M 121 or consent of instructor.

BGEN 292. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

BGEN 298. Cooperative Education. 12 Credits.

BGEN 360. International Business. 3 Credits.

Differences in culture, including religion, social structure, language, education, economic philosophy, and political philosophy are discussed. Students will examine cultural and ethnic group differences and change from both a historical and current issues perspective. The functional, economic, political, and financial aspects of international business are explored. Prerequisite: WRIT 101.

BGEN 468. Contemp Issues in Bus Ethics. 3 Credits.

An analysis of the technical, social, and environmental forces which influence business activities and decision-making. The impact of business decisions on society and the influence and impact of society on business, social responsibility, business and society in the role of business decision making are discussed. The role of personal and organizational values and beliefs on business ethics.

BGEN 492. Independent Study. 12 Credits.

BGEN 494. Seminar. 3 Credits.

The Business Program's capstone course is the culmination of the courses building up to the bachelor's degree. In the course, students will demonstrate their knowledge of the program learning outcomes through testing, evidence, and case analysis. Prerequisite: Senior standing.

BGEN 498. Cooperative Education. 12 Credits.