Health Promotion

The Health Promotion program prepares students for a career as a health care professional capable of implementing the disease preventing wellness programs sought after by today's health care delivery system.  The program offers a Bachelor degree for students interested in working in the health and fitness fields.  The focus is on providing students with an educational background in health, fitness, and business with an emphasis on real-world rather than scholastic situations.  The minor is a good fit for students in the community leadership program.  Students in business programs may also want to minor in health promotion if they are interested in working in the insurance industry.  The health promotion degree can also be tailored for those students wishing to pursue an advanced degree in athletic training or physical therapy.

Bachelor of Science Health Promotion (Non-Teaching)

Learning Outcomes: Students can plan, design, implement and assess a health promotion intervention Students can articulate the various settings where health promotion techniques would be applicable. Students are engaged in personal and professional activities in the field of health promotion.

General Education Core33
Required Courses
ENGL Upper Division Selective in Writing3
HTH 101Opport in Health Professions2
HTH 110Personal Health and Wellness3
NUTR 121Clinical Human Nutrition2
AHAT 210Prev and Care Athletic Injur3
HPE 234First Aid and CPR2
CHTH 262Community Health3
KIN 320Exercise Physiology3
HTH 325Etiology of Disease3
KIN 327Kinesiology & Biomechanics3
CHTH 355Theory Pract Comm Hlth Ed3
HTH 368Safety Education2
HTH 378Sex Education3
HTH 391Special Topics3
KIN 415Adv Exercise Test & Prescrip3
CHTH 445Prgm Planning Comm Health3
Areas of Concentration
BMGT 245Customer Service Management3
BGEN 112Creative Problem Solving3
BGEN 110Applied Business Leadership3
BGEN 235Business Law3
BMGT 335Management & Organization3
BMGT 329Human Resource Management3
BMKT 325Principles of Marketing3
BMGT 461Small Business Management3
STAT 216Introduction to Statistics3
Select one of the following:4
Intro to Organic & Biochem
College Chemistry I
CHMY 321Organic Chemistry I3
CHMY 322Organic Chemistry Lab I2
PHSX 205College Physics I3
PHSX 206College Physics I Laboratory1
PHSX 207College Physics II3
PHSX 208College Physics II Laboratory1
BIOM 250Microbiology for Hlth Sciences3
BIOM 251Microbiology Hlth Sciences Lab1
AHAT 495Practicum: Sports Medicine (additional credits in AHAT 495 may be substituted for HPE 498)3
Health Education
23-24 credits in the area of: Education (not for teaching endorsement)**, Community Leadership, Nursing, Other as developed by student and advisor
Select one of the following:
CHTH 498Cooperative Education
M 121College Algebra (CAT II)3
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology (CAT IV)3
or SOCI 101 Introduction to Sociology
PSYX 230Developmental Psychology3
BMGT 461Small Business Management3
COMX 111Intro to Public Speaking (CAT I)3
or COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communc
WRIT 101College Writing I (CAT I)3
Advisor Approved Electives2
HPEA Fitness and Wellness Skills – Select one course from the following:
Weight Control
Beginning Martial Arts
Beg Conditioning and Fitness
Beginning Yoga
Intermediate Weight Training
Special Topics
Total minimum credits required for degree120

Minor Health Promotion (Non-Teaching)

Required Courses
NUTR 121Clinical Human Nutrition2
HTH 325Etiology of Disease3
HTH 110Personal Health and Wellness3
CHTH 262Community Health3
CHTH 355Theory Pract Comm Hlth Ed3
HTH 374Current Issues in Health3
HTH 368Safety Education2
CHTH 445Prgm Planning Comm Health3
Total minimum credits required for minor22