Plumbing Technology

Our Associate of Applied Science degree in Plumbing Technology integrates the theory and applications of today's plumbing materials, technology, and installation practices with the requirements the state plumbing code to prepare the graduate for entry into the fields of plumbing as a apprentice plumber.  MSU-Northern's innovative program is the only one of a kind in Montana and has the board support of the state's plumbing industry.  The plumbing degree provides the student with a comprehensive course of study designed to make the program graduate a valuable asset to the plumbing industry and to provide the graduate with a lifetime career in the trade of journeyman plumber.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Plumbing Technology program at MSU-Northern is to prepare students for successful employment in a variety of settings related to the field of Plumbing & Pipe fitting.

Learning Outcomes for Plumbing Technology, AAS

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Operate pipe trades tools & equipment

  • Perform plumbing math and layout work for the installation of plumbing systems

  • Perform plumbing joint making processes

  • Perform plan reading and plumbing drafting

  • Perform plumbing work in compliance with current Uniform Plumbing Codes

  • Enter into the field of plumbing as an apprentice plumber

Associate of Applied Science

Plumbing Credits
WRIT 108Elementary Technical Writing 13
M 111Technical Mathematics 23
COMX 111Intro to Public Speaking 33
Required Courses
CAPP 120Introduction to Computers3
CSTN 135Basic Rigging1
DDSN 119Technical Graphics I3
EET 110Electronics Survey I3
HPE 234First Aid and CPR2
IT 111Industrial Safety/Waste Mgmnt2
PLUM 100Intro to the Plumbing Trades4
PLUM 110Intro to Plumbing and Drawing1
PLUM 120Intro to Piping Systems3
PLUM 125Intro to Plumbing Fixtures2
PLUM 170Plumbing Codes2
PLUM 200Pipe Fitting Tools & Motor Eq3
PLUM 210Advanced Blueprint Reading2
PLUM 230Hngrs, Supports, & Fld Testing2
PLUM 250Special Piping3
PLUM 260Intro to Cntrl Circuit Trblsht2
PLUM 270Hydronic Heating & Cooling Sys2
PLUM 280Energy Management1
PLUM 285System Startup & Shutdown1
WLDG 110Welding Theory I2
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical2
Select from either TSCI or WLDG to complete the degree
PLUM 240Distribution Systems3
PLUM 206Applied Water Hydraulics3
WLDG 180Shielded Metal Arc Welding3
WLDG 186Welding Qual Test Prep w/Lab3
Total minimum credits required for degree61

PLEASE NOTE: Students enrolled in this program will pay $175/semester in program fees. These fees are in addition to tuition and other mandatory fees.