Community Leadership

If being involved in your community and helping people to realize their potential motivates you, a Bachelor degree in Community Leadership may be the right program of study for you.  This board-based program allows you to focus on the area of non-profit service.  Many Community Leadership courses emphasize applied learning through practical experience allowing students to emerge from this program with solid professional ties with non-profit organizations, governmental services, and/or tribal agencies. In addition, our Community Leadership program provides you with a combination of social science basics, communication theory, and non-profit business concepts to be an effective community leadership professional.

Bachelor of Arts Community Leadership - Minor Required

Learning Outcomes: Students will prepare a funding plan for a nonprofit or governmental organization. Students will research, analyze and propose a strategic development plan for a non-profit program. Students will conduct a simple program evaluation.

General Education Core33
Required Courses
BUS 215Mngrl Plng Not-For-Profit Entr3
BUS 455Managing Not-For-Profit Org3
CMLD 101Intro to Community Leadership (CAT IV)3
CMLD 260Fndtns of Non Profit Service3
CMLD 301Concepts in Comm Leadership3
PSCI 411Nonprofit Grant Writing3
COMX 412Communication and Conflict3
CMLD 355Assmnt & Dsgn Comm Programs3
CMLD 360Eval of Comm-Based Programs3
CMLD 401Seminar in Comm Leadership3
CMSV 498Cooperative Education1-12
PSYX 100Intro to Psychology3
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology (CAT IV)3
COMX 210Communication in Small Groups3
COMX 320Prin of Organizational Comm3
WRIT 338Public Relations Writing3
Select one of the following:9
Selectives in Social Science with CJ, CMSV, ECNS, PSCI, PSYX, SOCI, SPCH prefixes
Selectives in Business with ACTG, BUS, SBM prefixes
Total minimum credits required for degree/minor120


Community Leadership

Learning Outcome: Students identify a community need, prepare a simple assessment to determine appropriate action, and then apply knowledge and skills gained in planning, problem-solving and community development to demonstrate foundational skills in addressing a community need. Activities may be carried out as a service-learning project, as feasible, or as a simulation of a community action project.

Required Courses
CMLD 101Intro to Community Leadership (CAT IV)3
CMLD 260Fndtns of Non Profit Service3
SOCI 101Introduction to Sociology (CAT IV)3
Select one of the following:3
Concepts in Comm Leadership
Nonprofit Grant Writing
Communication and Conflict
Assmnt & Dsgn Comm Programs
Eval of Comm-Based Programs
Select nine Science selective credits from the following (one course must be an upper division level course):
Seminar in Comm Leadership
Cooperative Education
Principles of Microeconomics
Principles of Macroeconomics
Fed Indian Law & Policy
Intro to American Government
Intro to State and Local Govt
Intro to Psychology
Developmental Psychology
Psychology of Personality
Introduction to Criminology
Intro to Social Psychology
Race, Gndr, & Ethnic Relations
Communication in Small Groups
Prin of Organizational Comm
Communication Theory
Special Topics
Total minimum credits required for minor24