Graduate Programs

Master of Education

Counselor Education

Graduate Core
CNSL 549Research Methods in Counselor3
EDUC 507Educational Measurement3
CNSL 530Life Span Dev & Adjustment3
Area of Specialization
CNSL 506K-12 Counslng Progm Dev & Admn3
CNSL 551Educational & Psychological Ap3
CNSL 508Theories of Counseling3
CNSL 517Counseling Skills & Practice3
CNSL 571Counseling Practicum3
CNSL 525Child & Adolescent Counseling3
CNSL 565Marriage & Family Counseling3
CNSL 502Professional Ethics2
CNSL 563Multicultural Counseling2
CNSL 560Crisis Intervention Counsel2
CNSL 567Community & Agency Counseling2
CNSL 564Diagnosis & Treatment in Cnsl3
CNSL 521Counseling & Medications2
CNSL 522Group Dynamics & Counseling3
CNSL 558Career Cnsl & Info Systems2
CNSL 594School Counseling Internship I6
or CNSL 595 Com/Agncy Counseling Intern I
CNSL 596School Counseling Intern II6
or CNSL 597 Comm/Agency Cnsl Intern II
Total minimum credits required for degree60

Students who complete the Master of Education, Counselor Education, can plan their program in a manner that may qualify them to be eligible to apply to the Licensing Board to become licensed clinical professional counselors (LCPC). Candidates for licensure must complete the Graduate Core, the Area of Specialization, a list of Specified Counseling Courses, for a minimum of (60) sixty semester credits.

Master of Science in Education

Instruction and Learning Program

Learning Outcomes: The graduate candidate will conduct action research in their professional learning environment. Graduate candidates develop appropriate assessment methodology for use in their action research project. Graduate candidates demonstrate critical, creative and reflective thinking processes throughout the program. The graduate candidate will identify and analyze contemporary issues in education. Graduate candidates demonstrate the utilization of learning theories and self-regulation in their instructional practice. Graduate candidates demonstrate the integration of technology in course work and program exit requirements.

The Master’s of Science degree, Learning Development option, is offered in a cohort format. All courses are offered on weekends (Internet support) and with a start to finish time of two years. Individuals and groups interested in starting a cohort group in their location should contact the Graduate Programs Office at 1-800-662-6132, extension 3738. Further information regarding the delivery of the program will be made available upon inquiry.

Required Courses
EDUC 517Research Methods3
EDUC 507Educational Measurement3
EDUC 520Learning Technologies3
EDUC 532Assessment & Evaluation3
EDUC 548Learning Theories3
EDUC 550Critical and Creative Thinking3
EDUC 552Learning Systems3
EDUC 554Graduate Seminar3
EDUC 558Mastery Learning3
EDUC 598Graduate Action Research3
EDUC 511Change Theory and Pratice3
EDUC 522Motication and Learning3
Total minimum credits required for degree36