Associates of Applied Science in Manufacturing

Required Courses
WRIT 101College Writing I (Meets CAT I Requirement)3
M 121College Algebra (Meets CAT II Requirement)3
COMX 111Intro to Public Speaking (Meets CAT I Requirement)3
PHSX 105Fund of Physical Science3
PHSX 106Fund of Physical Science Lab0
BGEN 105Introduction to Business3
CAPP 120Introduction to Computers3
DDSN 119Technical Graphics I3
DDSN 114Introduction to CAD3
DDSN 255Machine Drafting3
IT 111Industrial Safety/Waste Mgmnt2
MCH 200Machining3
MCH 250Manuf Processes and Materials3
WLDG 110Welding Theory I2
MFGT 252CNC Machining
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical2
WLDG 114Mig/Tig Welding3
WLDG 180Shielded Metal Arc Welding3
WLDG 186Welding Qual Test Prep w/Lab3
WLDG 195Practicum: Welding6
WLDG 260Repair & Maintenance Welding3
Total Credits Required66