General Education Core

Montana State University – Northern General Education Core

All students seeking an associate of arts, associate of science, or bachelor’s degree at Montana State University-Northern are required to fulfill course work within each of the seven General Education categories as listed below:

Associate of Arts (A.A.)
Associate of Science (A.S.) 
Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Discipline Area Minimum Required
CAT I: Communication 6 credits
CAT II: Mathematics 3 credits
CAT III: Natural Science (with lab) 6 credits
CAT IV: Social Science/History 6 credits
CAT V: Cultural Diversity 3 credits
CAT VI: Humanities Appreciation/Creative Arts 6 credits
CAT VII: Technology 3 credits
Total General Education Core Credits 33 credits

The following courses will satisfy the various categories of general education. If general education core classes are required in a program area, they can be counted towards fulfilling the general education core as well as the program requirement. (However, the number of the credits for the course only counts once toward the total credits of the degree). Students who transfer course work to MSU-Northern will have general education courses counted in the same category as the transferring institution, even if the course is not offered at MSU-Northern. NOTE: Different departments and academic units specify particular courses within a category to meet degree requirements.  Students are urged to consult their academic advisor and the course requirements for their degree prior to selecting courses in General Education.

Category I (CAT I) Communication (6 credits) General Education Code: C1 WRIT 101 AND COMX 111 OR COMX 115 OR WRIT 350
Category II (CAT II) Mathematics General Education Code: C2 M 121, M 145, M 162, M 171, STAT 216, STAT 217
Category III (CAT III) Students must take one science course that includes a lab. See course description to verify this requirement. Natural Sciences (6 credits) General Education Code: C3 and C3L BIOB 101, BIOB 160, BIOE 110, BIOH 104, BIOH 201, BIOM 250, BIOO 220, CHMY 121, CHMY 141, ENSC 245, GEO 101, GEO 314, GPHY 111, PHSX 105, PHSX 205, TSXCI 304
Category IV (CAT IV) Social Sciences/History (6 credits) General Education Code: C4 and C5 CMSV 101, ECNS 201, ECNS 202, HSTA 101, HSTA 102, HSTR 101, HSTR 102, HSTA 255, PSCI 210, PSYX 100, SOCI 101, SOSC 201
Category V (CAT V) Cultural Diversity (3 credits) General Education Code: C6 BGEN 360, NASL 120, NASX 105, NASX 304, NASX 232, NASX 310, NASX 235, NASX 340, NASL 331, NASX 450, NRSG 331, SPCH 245, SPNS 101
Category VI (CAT VI) It is recommended that baccalaureate candidates complete at least one course in each sub category, for a total of 6 credits. Humanities Appreciation/Creative Arts (6 credits) General Education Code: C7 and C8 ARTH 160, ARTH 330, ARTH 340 LSH 201, LIT 110, LIT 210, LIT 211, LIT 223, LIT 224, LIT 230, LIT 309, LIT 327, LIT 363,LIT 382, MUSI 201, PHIL 200, PHIL 210 ARTZ 105, ARTZ 106, ARTZ 231, ARTZ 284, ARTZ 363, CRWR 340, MUSI 103, THTR 105
Category VII (CAT VII) Technology (3 credits) General Education Code: C9 AOT 301, CAPP 120, CAPP 151, EDU 370, IT 100