Transitional Studies (TRST)

TRST 102. Study Skills. 1 Credit.

Introduction to methods of approaching basic study skills in University designed for students who feel they need help with basic study habits to be successful. Emphasis is placed on strategies for test taking, memory, time management, textbook mastery, tapping creativity and exploring individual learning styles in order to achieve personal goals.

TRST 103. Transitional Life/Career Expl. 1 Credit.

This course is designed to assist the student in decision making and career development skills. Through interactive coursework and a variety of evaluative mechanisms, the student will explore career options as well as career "fitness" and the academic preparation/expectations necessary to achieve success in a chosen field in order to design an individualized plan of action to meet academic and career goals. The course is designed to be a "first step" to success for the new University student.