French (FREN)

FREN 105. Elementary French. 4 Credits.

Introduction to French, emphasizing conversational ability but including reading comprehension and written expression. Extensive use of spoken French in the classroom, small group practice sessions, and individual conferences with the instructor. Students desiring further French study may register for additional credits of French 105. Two semesters of French 105 (8 credits) constitute the first-year University French sequence. Students with prior French study should consult the instructor for placement. No prerequisite for the first semester.

FREN 205. Intermediate French. 4 Credits.

Continued and progressive development of the skills acquired in Elementary French and special emphasis on conversational ability, vocabulary building, and the grammar necessary for correct oral and written expression. Extensive pronunciation practice to develop proper syllable division, stress, linking, and intonation. Students desiring further study may register for additional credits of FREN 205. Two semesters of FREN 205 (8 credits) constitute the second-year University French sequence. Prerequisites: Two semesters of elementary French (8 credits) or the equivalent and permission of the instructor.