A full listing of current tuition, fees, room and board, and other University-related expenses is available at either the Admissions or Business Office or on our website http://www.msun.edu/busserv/tuitfees.aspx 

Course Fees

Section 1.02 In addition to the usual tuition and fees paid by students, special fees may be attached to specific courses. Those course fees are used to pay for materials that are damaged or consumed by students, particularly during the laboratory portion of the classes. As a consequence, course fees are most often attached to classes in the sciences, the arts, and technical programs.

On the Montana State University-Northern campus, students who take classes in the following degree areas will often have to pay additional fees because of the courses they take: Art, Automotive, Biology, Carpentry Technology, Civil Engineering Technology, Chemistry, Diesel, Design Drafting, Electrical Technology, Electronics Engineering Technology, Earth Science, Health and Physical Education, Metals Technology, Nursing, and Plumbing Technology. Course fees are also assessed in other program areas, but not as extensively as the previous listing.

To find out if a course fee will be assessed for a particular course, students should refer to the specific course descriptions listed in this catalog.

Due Dates

Fees are due as payments in full the Friday before classes begin.

*MSU-Northern offers an Installment Payment Plan if needed (please contact Business Services for approval)*

Installment Payment Plan

The following installment payment plan for tuition/fees, room and board is available:

  1. At least ¼ of the total amount must be paid the Friday before classes begin.
  2. One-half of the total due must be paid within 30 days.
  3. Three-fourths of the total due must be paid within 60 days.
  4. The full amount due must be paid within 90 days.
  5. A late fee of $15.00 will be assessed if the final payment is late.
  6. An administrative charge of $30.00 per semester will be levied for use of the installment plan.
  7. Payments must be made even though the student withdraws from school. Any refund due the student because of withdrawal, either voluntary or involuntary, will be applied toward the satisfaction of the obligation. Should the refund be larger than the amount outstanding, the excess of refund due over balance outstanding will be returned to the student. Any unpaid balance of the obligation must be paid before the student may re-enroll, graduate, obtain a transcript, or transfer to another college and/or university.

Tuition/Fee Refunds

  1. Refunds for withdrawals from school are made by the Business Office only after verification of enrollment status as of the 14th day of classes.
  2. The registration fee is non-refundable. The health insurance fee will be refunded to the end of the 10th day of instruction.
  3. Ninety (90) percent of all remaining fees (tuition, network, computer, equipment, building, gym use, SUB use, student activity, athletic, non-resident tuition, non- resident building, health service fee, internet fee, radio fee, distributed learning access fee, Great Falls fee, campus facilities fee, library fee) will be refunded to the end of the fifth day of instruction for students enrolled in full semester courses.
  4. Seventy-five (75) percent of all remaining fees will be refunded to the end of the eighth day of instruction.
  5. Fifty (50) percent of all remaining fees will be refunded to the end of the eleventh day of instruction.
  6. No refunds for withdrawals from school are made after the eleventh day of instruction.
  7. Drop/adds will be computed in accordance with regular institutional fee schedules. There will be no refund for classes dropped after the eleventh day of instruction.