Creative Writing (CRWR)

CRWR 240. Intro to Creative Writing Wksp. 3 Credits.

Beginning writing workshop designed for students to explore several genres of creative writing. Students will read and respond to the works of diverse authors from a variety of eras. In a workshop setting, students will write, respond to, and revise original work using genre-specific techniques and conventions. Prerequisite: WRIT 101, WRIT 122, comparable transfer course or permission of instructor.

CRWR 340. Interm Creative Writing Wkhp. 3 Credits.

This course requires students to engage in an advanced study of the writing of poetry and fiction. Students will investigate the techniques of poetry, including meter, rhyme, line, stanza, tone and figurative language. Students will also practice the techniques of fiction writing, including the development of plot, action, and story arc, character development, and different narrative voices. May be offered Spring semester odd years, as needed.

CRWR 392. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

Provides an opportunity for students to engage in directed research and study on an individual basis rather than in a formal class environment.

CRWR 492. Independent Study. 3 Credits.

CRWR 592. Independent Study. 1-5 Credits.