Important Notice

This general bulletin is published by Montana State University-Northern in, Havre, Montana, as a guide for students and others interested in the institution.

Students are expected to be familiar with all University regulations and information set forth in this publication or any amendments to or modifications thereof. Montana State University-Northern reserves the right, AT ANY TIME AND WITHOUT ADVANCE NOTICE, to change the University regulations, academic offerings, and the contents of this publication, including but not limited to the right to:

  • Withdraw or cancel, courses or programs,
  • Change fee schedules,
  • Change admission and registration requirements,
  • Change the regulations and requirements governing instruction and graduation from Montana State University-Northern,
  • Change any other regulations affecting students.

This list is meant to be illustrative only and not exhaustive. Changes shall go in to effect whenever the proper authorities so determine and shall apply not only to prospective students but also to those who are already attending the University. Degree programs and course sequences contained in this bulletin are models and may or may not reflect actual course scheduling patterns.

Montana State University-Northern places full responsibility upon the student for registering for the proper courses and for fulfilling all requirements for a degree as set forth in this bulletin, as amended from time to time. No agent or employee of the University has the authority to warrant graduation, the attainment of any type of license, or the attainment of any other career goal. The institution does not accept responsibility for delays in graduation or attainment of career goals resulting from errors in graduation, canceled courses, time schedule changes, changes in degree requirements, or similar changes, or for errors resulting from consultation with and reliance upon any information acquired from any University employee. Advisor’s signatures on pre-registration, drop-add, or similar cards or forms do not necessarily indicate agreement with or approval of the student’s choice of courses, nor may they be construed in any way as a warranty that the student’s choice of courses is sufficient for graduation or attainment of any career goals.

Other University documents may contain official University policies. For example, academic college or program handbooks may contain University policies that supplement those found in this catalog. The reader is herewith notified that this catalog is not an exhaustive source of official University policy and is encouraged to refer to the college or program handbooks of any academic area in which he/she is interested.

Montana State University-Northern also reserves the right to deny a student the privilege of re-registering and the right not to release a student’s records or any information based on them, when the student has failed to satisfy any obligations to Montana State University-Northern. Students may verify the status of their financial obligations by checking with the Business Office in Cowan Hall.

Montana State University-Northern is accredited by the Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges.

Montana State University-Northern is committed to a program of equal opportunity for education, employment, and participation in University activities without regard to race, color, national origin, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation or preference, marital status, physical or mental disability, creed or political belief, or status as a Vietnam era or disabled veteran.  This right shall be guaranteed to all students presently enrolled, students applying for admission, employees, and applicants for employment at Montana State University-Northern. 

The following people have been designated to handle inquiries regarding the non-discrimination policies:

Suzanne Hunger, Director of Human Resources & Title IX Coordinator

Cowan Hall 208


300 West 11th Street

Havre MT 59501

Phone:   406.265.3568; E-mail:

Johnna Antonich, Coordinator of Accessibility Services for Students

Cowan Hall 213C


300 West 11th Street

Havre MT 59501

Phone:  406.265.3533;

For further information on notice of non-discrimination, visit for the address and phone number of the office that serves your area, or call 1-800-421-3481.