Carpentry Technology (CARP)

CARP 230. Adv Roof/Floor/Wall/Stair Sys. 4 Credits.

This course covers the installation methods and materials for various roofing systems. It covers a variety of flooring applications as well as interior wall construction for residential and commercial structures. It also covers advanced staircase construction. Prerequisites: CARP 130 or CARP 150, or instructor's approval.

CARP 240. Adv Topics/Comm. Applications. 3 Credits.

This course introduces the basic structural components, fastening methods, and assembly techniques for metal buildings. It provides an overview of the materials and procedures used in application of roofs, wall panels, windows, doors and flashings relating to metal buildings. Introduces basic concepts, practices, and procedures related to the floor covering installation trade. It covers proper safety procedures in the operation of hand and power tools that are related to the trade. This course also reviews and applies math related to floor covering installation. Co-requisite: CSTN 260. Prerequisites. IT 115, IT 111, and CSTN 120 or instructor's approval. Course Fee: $25.00.