Allied Hlth: Athletic Training (AHAT)

AHAT 210. Prev and Care Athletic Injur. 3 Credits.

A study of conditioning and evaluation to prevent injuries; recognition and evaluation of injuries; treatment and rehabilitation of injuries. Additional topics of nutrition, ergogenic aids, and risk management are included. Lab will involve the application of evaluation and rehabilitation skills as well as the practice of basic taping techniques. Prerequisite: BIOH 104 and 105 or BIOH 201 and 202.
Course Fees: $50.00

AHAT 292. Independent Study. 3 Credits.

Provides an opportunity for students to engage in directed research and study on an individual basis rather than in a formal class environment.

AHAT 495. Practicum: Sports Medicine. 3 Credits.

An internship in Athletic Training is available to those students interested in the prevention, recognition, treatment and rehabilitation of athletic injuries. This hands-on experience compliments those students interested in coaching, athletic training, or physical therapy. Prerequisites: Athletic training/taping course (HS level accepted); First Aid/CPR certification. Restricted entry: Consent of instructor required. May be repeated for credit up to three times.
Course Fees: $25.00