Plumber/Pipefitters degree is a blend of Northern's Welding Certificate & Plumbing Technology programs.  In two years' time, our Pipefitter graduates will have earned a Certificate in Welding Technology plus an Associates of Applied Science in Plumbing/Pipefitting.  This opens the door to a wide variety of employment opportunities in welding, machining, plumbing, pipe line welding, refinery welding, manufacturing, and welding fabrication.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Pipefitter program at MSU-Northern is to prepare students for successful employment in a variety of settings related to the field of Pipefitting.

Learning Outcomes for Pipefitter Technology, AAS

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Operate pipe trades tools & equipment

  • Perform pipefitting math and layout work for the installation of plumbing systems

  • Perform pipefitting joint making processes

  • Perform plan reading and pipefitting drafting

  • Perform pipefitting work in compliance with current Uniform Plumbing Codes

Associate of Applied Science 

Required Courses
CAPP 120Introduction to Computers3
or CAPP 151 MS Office
DDSN 119Technical Graphics I3
PLUM 100Intro to the Plumbing Trades4
WLDG 110Welding Theory I2
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical2
WLDG 114Mig/Tig Welding3
CSTN 135Basic Rigging1
IT 111Industrial Safety/Waste Mgmnt2
PLUM 170Plumbing Codes2
WLDG 180Shielded Metal Arc Welding3
MCH 200Machining3
PLUM 120Intro to Piping Systems3
COMX 111Intro to Public Speaking3
or COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communc
WLDG 260Repair & Maintenance Welding3
PLUM 200Pipe Fitting Tools & Motor Eq3
PLUM 210Advanced Blueprint Reading2
PLUM 230Hngrs, Supports, & Fld Testing2
M 105Contemporary Mathematics3
PLUM 110Intro to Plumbing and Drawing1
WLDG 195Practicum: Welding3
WLDG 186Welding Qual Test Prep w/Lab3
PLUM 250Special Piping3
PLUM 270Hydronic Heating & Cooling Sys2
WRIT 122Business Writing3
or WRIT 101 College Writing I
CAPP 151, COMX 111 and WRIT 122 are preferred courses
Total Credits62