Associate of Arts

This is a degree designed for students who:

  1. Expect to complete a bachelor's degree at MSU-Northern but are undecided on a major
  2. Wish to complete their general education requirements at MSU-Northern before transferring to another institution to complete the remaining requirements for a bachelor's degree;
  3. Wish to pursue an additional degree (such as dental hygiene) where having an associate degree will aid in admission.

Completion of the Associate of Arts degree at Northern satisfies all bachelor degree general education requirements throughout the Montana University system.

The Associate of Arts degree requires that students complete MSU-Northern’s General Education Core. *Students enrolled in the associate of arts degree who plan to transfer to a bachelor’s degree program should contact their advisor early in their first semester for assistance in choosing electives from the Transferable Core to support their future plans for study.

General Education Core33
Advisor Approved Electives27
Total minimum credits required for degree60

Students should not confuse the MSU-Northern General Education Core with the Montana University System Transferable Core. Please see your advisor for more information.

Mission Statement

The MSU-Northern Associate of Arts degree in General Education provides a foundation of academic knowledge and skills to meet higher education goals, career pursuits, or for transfer to another institution.

Learning Outcomes for General Education, AA

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to:

  • Demonstrate effective oral communication.

  • Demonstrate effective written communication.

  • Interpret everyday life problems through mathematical or logical representations.

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific method and its applications.

  • Effectively use technology.

  • Describe the structure and functions of social institutions (e.g., family, political, economic, religious) in society.

  • Describe how an individual’s behavior is related to physical, environmental and/or cognitive factors.

  • Describe events from multiple perspectives, evaluate historical context and evidence, to make judgments based on evidence.

  • Analyze creative work, and study and experience how thought, emotion, and meaning are expressed through the creative arts.

  • Demonstrate knowledge of and appreciation for artistic creativity.