Diesel Technology: Field Maintenance

Our Diesel Technology programs offer a unique, hands-on technology education recognized by industry leaders as on the  nation's leading diesel programs.  Our curriculum is relevant to students' lives and careers, valuable in terms of content and competencies and connected to the needs of industry.  It strives to provide an environment that fosters excellence in learning and one that nurtures discovery of knowledge for advancement, academic excellence in the classroom, and personal growth through collaboration and teamwork.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Diesel Technology program is to provide students with the working knowledge, technological proficiency, and professional skills necessary to be successful in a variety of careers related to diesel technology. Our faculty instructors and cutting-edge Diesel Technology Center provide students a unique opportunity to gain hands-on and technology-driven educational experiences that reflect industry standards and expectations.

Learning Outcomes for Diesel Technology Field Maintenance, BS

Upon completion of this program, students will be able to, in accordance with industry standards:

  • Apply advanced diagnostic and repair procedures for machine systems and components.

  • Apply advanced diagnostic and repair procedures for hydraulic systems.

  • Perform advanced welding processes appropriate to field maintenance.

  • Use computer-based resources to diagnose and repair on and off-highway equipment.

  • Use diagnostic devices to communicate with equipment and machine controllers.

  • Work within current industry safety guidelines and standards to ensure a safe working environment.

  • Use written communication to analyze and convey information in a clear, concise, and

    professional manner.

  • Use verbal communication and visual aids to convey information to an audience in an effective, professional manner.

Bachelor of Science Diesel Technology: Field Maintenance Option

Learning Outcomes: Demonstrate the effectiveness of incorporating computer based testing with the B.S. Diesel Technology - Field Maintenance program. The student will successfully complete selected weld performance certifications. Successful completion and submission of electronic work-orders.

Required Courses

General Education Core 133
Required Courses
DST 115Intro to Diesel Fuel Systems5
DST 216Heavy Duty Power Trains4
WLDG 110Welding Theory I2
WLDG 111Welding Theory I Practical2
COMX 111Intro to Public Speaking (Meets CAT I Requirement)3
or COMX 115 Intro to Interpersonal Communc
ATDI 265Heating and Air Conditioning4
DST 104Intro to Diesel Engines3
DST 114Intro to Diesel Engines Lab3
Any Category II: Mathematics3
WLDG 114Mig/Tig Welding3
ATDI 134Electrical/Electronic Sys I6
DST 204Intro to Hydraulics Pneumatics2
DST 214Intro to Hydr Pneumatics Lab2
DST 264Diesel Engine Diagnosis Repair3
DST 274Diag Diesel Engine Repair Lab3
ATDI 264Electrical/Electronic Sys II6
WLDG 260Repair & Maintenance Welding3
Any Category IV: Social Science/History6
Any Category VII: Technology 3
ATDI 384AT/DI Elctrcl/Elctrn Sys III4
MCH 200Machining3
Any Category III: Natural Science 3
Any Category VI: Humanities/Fine Arts6
DST 314Hydraulics and Pneumatics II4
TSCI 304Fuels and Lubricants (Meets CAT III w/ Lab Requirement)3
WLDG 186Welding Qual Test Prep w/Lab3
WRIT 350Technical Editing (Meets CAT I Requirement)3
ATDI 400Shop Procedures3
DST 440Advanced Fuel Systems4
WLDG 356Welding Certifctn Procdrs II3
Any Category V: Cultural Diversity 3
DST 434Current Model Year Technology (Capstone)3
DST 450Diag Pwr Shifts and HD Atmtics4
WLDG 357Welding Certifctn Procdrs III3
DST 498Cooperative Education2
Total minimum credits required for degree120

Please Note: In addition to WRIT 350 and TSCI 304, four (4) credits of the General Education Core must be at the upper division level.