College of Arts, Science, and Education


Bachelor of Arts Degrees

Community Leadership
Graphic Design
Liberal Studies
Native American Studies

Bachelor of Science Degrees

Criminal Justice

Bachelor of Science in Education Degrees

Elementary Education (K-8)
English (5-12)
General Science (5-12)
Health and Physical Education (K-12)
Industrial Technology (5-12)
Social Science (5-12)

Bachelor of Applied Science Degrees

Applied Science 

Associate of Arts Degree

Program of Study in General Education

Certificate of Applied Sciences Degrees

Wastewater Collection
Wastewater Treatment
Water Distribution
Water Treatment


Community Leadership
Criminal Justice
   Reading Specialist(K-12)
   Traffic Education(K-12)
Graphic Design
Native American Studies

Graduate Degrees

Counselor Education (Masters of Education Degree)
Instruction and Learning (Masters of Science Degree)

Office: Cowan Hall Room 105A

The programs of Arts and Sciences prepare students to think, read, and write critically and to understand language and literature, philosophy, music, art, drama, English, economics, geography, history, math, Native American studies, political science, the sciences, and sociology. The liberal arts curricula present the historical and creative foundation of cultural heritage.

Advising Information

Students are encouraged to meet with their assigned advisors at the beginning of each semester to confirm their plan of study and make any necessary adjustments. Meeting with an advisor before registering for classes each semester allows students to plan schedules that will meet their needs and assist them in completing requirements in an efficient manner.