Admission as an Undergraduate Student

Undergraduate students are first-time college students, student who have attempted college- level credits during high school and/or after graduating high school, or students who have not been awarded a bachelor's degree.

Applications are accepted from resident, non-resident, and international students. Eligible undergraduate students may attend full-time or part-time. MSU-Northern reserves the right to establish requirements which will ensure successful scholastic performance.

General Admission Information

Applicants are responsible for submitting applications for admission, financial aid and housing, and must provide verification of immunizations. Applicants should be aware of the following:

  1. Applicants are requested to voluntarily provide their Social Security number, which permits the school to distinguish between individuals with the same or similar names.
  2. Students intending to apply for financial aid may obtain appropriate forms from their high school guidance office, on-line at, or by contacting Financial Aid at 800.662.6132 x3787. MSU-Northern's FAFSA school code is 002533.
  3. Students with less than 30 credits of college level coursework are required to live in the residence halls. Additional information about residence life and family housing should be referred to the Dean of Student Engagement/Director of Residence Life, 800.662.6132 x4113.
  4. Before enrolling for an initial term, all post-secondary students must comply with immunization requirements of ARM 37.114.701-721:
    1. Students born in 1957 or later must provide evidence that they have received two measles and two rubella immunizations, with dose one administered at 12 months of age or later and dose two administered at least 28 days after dose one. No measles vaccination before 1967 is valid. No rubella vaccination before 1969 is valid. As an alternative, a student may supply a laboratory report from a CLIA approved laboratory indicating that the student is immune to measles and/or rubella.
    2. Under ARM 37.114.711, a student may be conditionally enrolled for an initial term if the student has not received the second dose of measles and/or rubella vaccine provided they receive the second dose at least 28 days after the first dose and before the beginning of the succeeding school term.
    3. A student may be exempt from the above requirements for medical reasons (ARM 37.114.715) providing the student supplies a statement from a physician (MD or DO) holding a license to practice in the United States or Canada stating: a) The specific immunization that is contraindicated; b) The time period the immunization is contraindicated; and c) The reasons for the contraindication.
    4. A student may be exempt from the above requirements for religious reasons providing the student supplies a notarized statement that immunizations are contrary to the student’s religious beliefs. This notarized statement must be submitted annually by any student claiming a religious exemption
      (ARM 37.114.716).
    5. International students have additional immunization requirements. Please refer to the section entitled “INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS” for additional information.
  5. As directed by Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), any students with physical, psychiatric, or learning disabilities have access to a variety of services at MSU-Northern. In order to access these services, students are encouraged to meet with the Accessibility Resource Coordinator, Johnna Antonich.  During the meeting, the student will complete an application, provied documentation of their disability (an IEP from high school, any Veteran or DV, and/ or clinical documentation from a licensed professional0, and complete accommodations request forms for their courses.

      Johnna Antonich, Coordinator of Accessibility Resources, Cowan Hall 213C: (406) 265-3533;