Psychology (PSYC)

PSYC 560. Personality. 3 Credits.

A survey course examining major theories of personality development and change. Particular attention will be paid to the impact of lifestyle upon brain biochemistry, and to the major "trait" approaches to assessing and understanding human personality. The causes, treatment, and prevention of severe shyness will be accorded special attention. Graduate credit requirements are described in the course syllabus.

PSYC 561. Abnormal Psychology. 3 Credits.

This course will survey the psychotic, neurotic, and life adjustment disorder/diseases to which humankind is subject. Each problem area will be analyzed as to its etiology, behavioral symptomology, and viable therapeutic modalities. Emphasis will be placed on the biological underpinnings of behavioral pathology, and upon the ways whereby such underpinnings influence social learning and environmental experiences. Additional emphasis will be placed on classical and operant conditioning as these processes relate to the development of counterproductive, abnormal behavior patterns. The course will also examine the impact of lifestyle (including thinking style) upon brain biochemistry. Finally, the course will examine several of the major theories (and related research) of personality. Graduate credit requirements are described in the course syllabus.

PSYC 590. Special Topics. 3 Credits.

PSYC 592. Ind Study. 1-12 Credits.