Montana Administration of Sch (MAS)

MAS 104. Student Activity Programs. 1 Credit.

Student Activity Programs is a one (1) credit workshop covering school activities. This workshop will cover topics such as school policy for activities, extracurricular fund accounting, handling the money, bookkeeping responsibilities, and reporting functions. One of the guidebooks for this seminar is the Student Activities Fund Manual published by the Montana Association of School Business Officials.

MAS 105. Pupil Transportation. 1 Credit.

Pupil Transportation is a one (1)-credit workshop that addresses school bus policies and transportation. The course covers the basic rules as defined in Montana Code 20-10. The course presents the definition of terms as provided in the Code as well as bus requirements, driver requirements, penalties, bus contracts, duties of various entities, service areas, mileage, and reimbursement.

MAS 106. Food Services. 1 Credit.

Food Services is a one (1)-credit workshop to acquaint students with the fundamental laws relating to a school food service. The workshop will cover definitions, administration, record keeping, Federal Funding and the Food Services Fund.

MAS 107. School Safety. 1 Credit.

School Safety is a one (1) credit workshop designed to present the basic topics of a safety program for a school. It discusses the idea of an accident free, safe work/school environment for all people involved in school activities. It presents the topics of policy, management, awareness, hazard recognition, and reporting.

MAS 108. Retirement System. 1 Credit.

This one (1) credit workshop is a quick overview of the Montana Public Employees Retirement System. The course uses the Montana Public Employees Retirement System Handbook as a guide for the course. Supplemental information and updates will be presented in the course as well. Topic headings as provided in the handbook provide the basis for class activities. the handbook is published by the Public Employees Retirement Board.

MAS 130. Public Sector Ethics. 3 Credits.

This course examines the values in the public sector that lead to organizational ethics. The clarification of values, value consensus, and value compliance are some of the topics covered in the course. The course uses various examples from all levels of government to emphasize value principles. The presentation is from the viewpoint of the individual administrator and draws on both the cultural standpoint and the functional standpoint.

MAS 268. School Law I. 3 Credits.

This course teaches the legal requirements for schools as outlined in Section 20 of the Montana Code. The course brings awareness to the student of the legal forces affecting today's schools. This understanding will allow the student to grasp many of the daily issues that influence decision making in the school. The major headings for the laws are: General Provisions, State Boards and Commissions, Elected Officials, Teachers, Superintendents, and Principals, Pupils, School Districts, and School Instruction and Special programs.

MAS 269. School Law II. 3 Credits.

School Law II is an introductory course on school financing as presented in Montana Code 20-9. It is intended to bring a rudimentary understanding of the major topics in school finance to those who may be responsible for handling the paperwork required for state reporting. The course covers topics such as: budgets, bonds, special purpose funds, grants, special levies, fund accounting and the administration of the above topics.