Honors (HON)

HON 111. Honors Written Comm I. 3 Credits.

HON 112. Honor Written Communication II. 3 Credits.

HON 113. Honors College Algebra. 3 Credits.

This course surveys a wide variety of topics including: properties and theorems of the real and complex number systems, the function concept including inverse functions, graphing techniques, linear, quadratic, polynomial, exponential and lograithmic functions, solving systems of equations in two or more variables using matrices, determinants and matrix algebra. The requirements of MATH 112, as determined by the mathematics faculty. The course will have a focus beyond the standard MATH 112. That focus will be developed by the instructor and approved by the Honors Committee. Prerequisite: ACT scores 23-24, or university placement examination or the consent of instructor and acceptance in Honors sequence.

HON 115. Honors Written Communication I. 3 Credits.

HON 212. Honors Written Comm II. 3 Credits.