Electrical Engineering (EELE)

EELE 101. Intro to Electrical Fund. 2 Credits.

This is an introductory course, in lecture + lab format, in electrial fundamentals including Kirchhoff's Laws, power and energy in resistive circuits, use of meters and oscilloscopes, time-varying signals in electric circuits, inductors and capacitors, seris and parallel resonance circuits, and digital circuits. the primary objective of this course is to introduce students, in a hands-on setting, to the proper use of basic electrical instruments, including multi-meters, DC power supplies, function generators, and oscilloscopes in the measurment, testing, construction, and analysis of basic elctrical and electronic components, circuits, and devices.

EELE 261. Intro to Logic Circuits. 5 Credits.

A course designed for electronic majors covering digital system basics. Topics covered include: number systems and codes, logic gates, Boolean algebra, digital IC's, multi-vibrators, combinatorial logic, registers and counters, memories, and microprocessor fundamentals. Course Fee: $10.00 Formerly EET 207.

EELE 292. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.