Drafting (DRFT)

DRFT 132. Descriptive Geometry. 3 Credits.

Advanced theory and practices in descriptive geometry construction and pattern development in preparation for advanced courses in Design Drafting. Prerequisite: DRFT 131, or permission of instructor. Course Fee: $10.00.
Course Fees: $10.75

DRFT 165. 3D CAD. 3 Credits.

This is a study in advanced concepts and procedures used to develop three-dimensional CAD models and produce working drawings from them. Prerequisite: DRFT 156.

DRFT 190. Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 199. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 216. Industrial CAD Modeling. 3 Credits.

The student will explore advanced computer modeling techniques used in industrial design. Students will experiment with various applications in solving assigned problems. Prerequisite: DRFT 256, DRFT 356, or consent of instructor. Course Fee: $10.00.

DRFT 290. Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 299. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 390. Special Topics. 12 Credits.

DRFT 399. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 428. Technical Illustration. 3 Credits.

The application of pictorial representations to describe external and internal design features of manufactured components, subassemblies, and completed projects; and construction projects. Prerequisite: DRFT 132. Course Fee: $15.00.
Course Fees: $15.75

DRFT 490. Special Topics. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 492. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 499. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 590. Spec Topic. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 1390. Con Ed. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 1590. Cont. Ed. Course. 1-12 Credits.

DRFT 1591. Sp Topic Cont Ed. 1-12 Credits.