Computer Information Systems (CIS)

CIS 112. Web Site Development. 3 Credits.

This class covers essential Internet Web Site skills for students. Topics covered include: web page construction, Photo editing, and file transfer protocol (FTP). Students will create a working Web site. Prerequisite: Basic Computer Skills.

CIS 235. Computer Hardware Support. 3 Credits.

An introduction to current computer hardware leading to the students' ability to successfully pass the COMP/TIAA+ Certification exam.

CIS 308. Industrial Electronics. 4 Credits.

This course focuses on basic power circuits and machines. Topics include power distribution systems, DC and AC motors, power control circuits, transducers, and industrial process control. Course Fee: $9.00.

CIS 392. Independent Study. 1-12 Credits.

CIS 401. Interfacing. 3 Credits.

The course focuses on the student's education and experience on specific technical projects. Students will complete individual projects and then integrate the individual projects into a group project. Emphasis is placed on research, construction, testing, and presentation of individual and group projects based on developing interfacing circuits for a selected micro controller system. During the course the student will submit formally written reports and give public explanations and demonstrations of the projects. This course meets the general education requirement for a capstone course. Prerequisites: ITS 310 and senior standing. Course Fee: $15.00.

CIS 410. Enterprise Resource Planning. 3 Credits.

This class covers the application of selected behavioral and quantitative decision support tools, emphasizing problem identification, technique selection, and results or computerized solution interpretations. Topics include: decision models, resource allocation models, project management models, and forecasting models including software contracts, proposals, data warehousing and data mining. Prerequisites: CAPP 266.

CIS 430. Adv Communications Systems. 3 Credits.

This course provides an advanced study of communications systems and circuits. Topics include FM circuits, antennas, transmission lines, and cellular and microwave systems. Course Fee: $12.00.

CIS 590. Spec Topic. 1-12 Credits.

CIS 1390. Con Ed. 1-12 Credits.

CIS 1590. Con Ed. 1-12 Credits.